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Cam Newton is the MVP of postgame conference apparel

Never change

By now, we know Cam Newton doesn’t care what anyone thinks about his style. We got used to the fox tails last year.

Those haven’t gone away, but he’s kicked it up a notch with the headwear. Let’s take a journey.

Jan. 17: Cold in Herre

Never mind that this press conference is inside. Cam’s not taking any chances.

Now fast forward to this summer.

July 29: Member of Beyoncé’s Formation Family

He’s not messing around anymore. The winter hat was stylish, but now it’s summer. He would have fit right in with Beyoncé’s New Orleans family right here.

Aug. 12: Carlton Banks from the ‘Fresh Prince’ Got Ahold of the Arby’s Hat Somehow

Newton is clearly jacking Carlton’s signature look with a fast food twist. And look, in this interview he was saluting Michael Phelps with a subtle hat pun. What a wordsmith.

Sept. 3: Man Visiting Casino for the First Time Tries to Fit In

He’s got the hat down, but he wasn’t sure what else to wear and the denim shirt is a bit of a miss. It’s okay, though, he’ll get it next time.

Sept. 4: Athleisure Meets Italian Dandy

This was his second visit at the casino. He tried. Still not there yet.

Sept. 18: Uncle Cam Wants YOU to Support the Panthers

He just needs to grow out his goatee a little and he’s got the complete look.

Sept. 25: Extremely Woke Mr. Peanut

Newton’s hat has a pin on it that says “Don’t be a puppet.” He’s missing only the ornamental walking stick Mr. Peanut carries, which he would probably use to defend himself from the mainstream masses.

Oct. 16: Singin’ in the Rain Minus the Rain

Just look at Gene Kelly.

Oct. 30: The Carolina Pink Panthers

Plus a tasteful Pilgrim hat to get into that Thanksgiving spirit. And let’s not neglect the shoes, patterned with what looks like amoebas swimming in a Petri dish.

Need we say more?

This all culminated in Cam not dressing up enough before the Panthers played the Seahawks Dec. 4. He was benched for the first play of the game. So we took a look at what he can get away with.