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Chargers’ 298-pound DE scores the rumblingest, bumblingest, stumblingest touchdown of the 2016 NFL season

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Caraun Reid scored the best big-man touchdown of the NFL season to date.

Watching big men run is one of the best and rarest pleasures one can have watching football. Chargers 298-pound defensive end Caraun Reid blessed us Sunday when he scooped up an Andrew Luck fumble and rumbled/stumble/bumbled his way toward the end zone from 60 yards away.

The best part about that gif may be the very real foot race that takes place between Reid and several Colts offensive linemen. Often when a big man finds himself breaking free toward the end zone, some wide receiver with 4.3 speed comes up behind him and stops him just short of glory.

Not here. Instead, we got several very large foxes trying to catch up to one very large rabbit and come up short. Have a day, Caraun Reid.