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Carson Wentz and the Eagles beat a quality opponent 34-3, and they looked great doing it

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Carson Wentz and the Eagles looked dominant against the Steelers.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles, led by rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, are on a roll. They followed up wins over the Cleveland Browns and the Chicago Bears with a dominant 34-3 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 3.

Wentz's NFL career is off to a solid start, and against the Steelers, Wentz continued to impress. He finished the day with 301 passing yards and two touchdowns. What's more impressive about Wentz is that he has yet to throw an interception in his first three starts. If he continues to avoid interceptions, Wentz is on track to potentially break Tom Brady's record for the most consecutive passes to start a career without an interception.

While Wentz has just 102 consecutive passes without an interception so far this season and has a way to go to catch up with Brady's 162, Wentz did set a record in today's game. According to the NFL's director of football communications, Randall Liu, Wentz is the first player in NFL history to have more than 60 completions on over 100 attempts for five touchdowns and no interceptions through his first three starts.

The Eagles got wins in the first two weeks of the season over teams that are struggling, but the Steelers came into this matchup with a 2-0 record. They failed to score a touchdown, with the only points of the day coming from kicker Chris Boswell in the second quarter.

Philadelphia's defense showed up big again, sacking Roethlisberger four times and forcing and recovering a Roethlisberger fumble.

Pittsburgh's offense isn't easy to contain, and yet the Eagles did. Antonio Brown had a good day statistically, racking up 140 receiving yards but no touchdowns. The Eagles shut down the Steelers' run game, holding the entire team to just 29 rushing yards. Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams alone had 237 yards over the first two weeks of the season.

Wentz, the second overall pick in 2016, wasn't even expected to start this season, and he's been a key factor in leading the team to a 3-0 record.  A dominant Eagles defense means this Philadelphia team could legitimately be as good as they've looked through the first three weeks of the season.