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The Rams-Buccaneers game was delayed at the 2-minute warning because of lightning

Oh no!

Something unprecedented happened in Week 3. The Los Angeles Rams finally scored a touchdown! It had been a few decades since Los Angeles reached the end zone, but they finally did it at Tampa Bay. They kept scoring regularly. The only problem is that the Bucs kept answering with touchdowns of their own.

Jameis Winston put the team within five with two minutes left thanks to a touchdown pass to Mike Evans. All the Rams needed to do was run out the clock to win. Still, there was a small chance that Tampa Bay could get the ball back. But that’s when mother nature kicked in.

At the two-minute warning, the game was delayed due to weather. This is mostly due to lightning in the area. This must feel very familiar for Los Angeles. The last time the franchise visited Tampa Bay, they also experienced a rain delay:

Nature must be an angry St. Louis fan.

The game will most likely resume at some point. The NFL does not like to cancel games or declare them over with the outcome still in doubt. If it does come down to that, commissioner Roger Goodell makes the call whether or not to cancel the game.

From the rulebook:

If, in the Commissioner's opinion, it is reasonable to project that the resumption of an interrupted game would not change its ultimate result or adversely affect any other inter-team competitive issue, he is empowered to terminate the game.

After an hour-delay, the game resumed and the Bucs got the ball back with a 1:42 left on the clock and a chance to win. But Robert Quinn stopped Jameis Winston at the 4-yard line, and the Rams held on for the 37-32 win.