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The Blazers spent a gazillion dollars to keep a 44-win team together. Now what?

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Our next episode focuses on the Blazers, who responded to a surprising season by locking down its core, no matter the cost.

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The Blazers were one of the NBA’s darling teams last season. What will they do for an encore? Give Evan Turner $17 million a year, apparently.

In all seriousness, this feels like a team on the rise. To help us break down their chances this season, Chris Lucia, the host of the Blazer’s Edge Podcast, joined the show. Among the topics discussed:

  • Why were the Blazers so much better than almost anyone expected last year?
  • So ... Evan Turner, huh?
  • The roster is loaded, but who actually plays? And how will the players who signed big-money contracts feel about not starting?
  • Is Damian Lillard the fourth-best point guard in the NBA? Maybe he really is.
  • A plea for Blazers fans not to get too worried about the defensive viability of the Lillard-C.J. McCollum backcourt.

Next up: the Detroit Pistons.

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