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Rex Ryan tried to trick Julian Edelman into revealing the Patriots' QB plans

Rex Ryan, investigative reporter.

Nobody knows who’s going to start for the New England Patriots at quarterback this week. Maybe it’s Jimmy Garoppolo, who sat out last week with a sprained AC joint in his throwing shoulder. Maybe it’s Jacoby Brissett, who injured his right thumb in Week 3. Maybe (please?) it’s wide receiver Julian Edelman, who played quarterback in college.

Bill Belichick, as usual, is keeping that information close to the vest, but Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan is trying to get to the bottom of it.

It’s well known that Belichick values secrecy to preserve a competitive advantage. There’s no way he’s going to give this week’s opponent a chance to prepare for a specific quarterback.

Ryan — aka Walt Patulski from the Buffalo News — joined the Buffalo media on a conference call with Edelman Wednesday to get to the bottom of the quarterback situation in New England.

"Are you playing quarterback this week?" Ryan asked Edelman.

And Edelman gave Ryan an answer that is quintessentially representative of The Patriot Way.

"I'm going to do whatever the coaches ask me to do, so if they ask me to go out and give a glass of water to someone on the sideline, I'm going to do that," Edelman said.

"Whatever it takes to help our team win. So you can ask Coach that one."

With Tom Brady still serving his DeflateGate suspension and Garoppolo ruled out for Thursday Night Football against the Houston Texans, Brissett got the start a week ago. Edelman served as the official backup, though he didn’t end up taking any snaps at quarterback during the Patriots’ win over Houston.

Garoppolo and Brissett are practicing this week, so it’s safe to assume at least one of them will be ready to play Sunday against the Bills. The Patriots haven’t signed any other quarterbacks, so right now, Edelman would still be the team’s only other option if Garoppolo or Brissett isn’t healthy enough to play.

According to Ryan, though, the Patriots may have other plans at quarterback.

The Patriots are undefeated without Brady so far this season, so even an 86-year-old quarterback could probably get them to 4-0.

Ryan has been having plenty of Patriots-related fun throughout this week leading up to the Bills’ game in New England on Sunday. He did his best Belichick impression from the podium on Monday.

Despite his 4-11 career record against Belichick, Ryan seems confident about the Bills’ chances against the Patriots. We’ll see if that confidence pays off this week.

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