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Finally you can wear your favorite team AND musician on the same shirt thanks to the NFL

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The brands are at it again folks. The NFL is partnering with an assorted number of artists from team’s cities to develop #MyTeamMyCity collaborations. Some of the designs are interesting but possibly unappealing to the average fan. Still, if you’re a hardcore fan of both an artist and their hometown — looking at you Cleveland Browns and Bone Thugs fan — then the NFL has the shirt for you.

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on fashion. In fact, my most recent clothing purchase was a T-shirt based off a boxing match that took place on an episode of The Simpsons that originally aired 20 years ago. Still, I’m second-guessing some of these NFL x artist designs.

San Diego Chargers x Jason Mraz

Remember Jason Mraz? Remember the San Diego Chargers? Well, they’re both back in T-shirt form. The singer-songwriter from San Diego gleaned the aesthetic from his We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. for this T-shirt. Actually, it’s the exact same image from his 2008 album cover except the leprechaun depicted in the foreground now sports cool racing stripes the signature Chargers bolts.

This design might already be a relic of the NFL, as Mraz’s Chargers might head up north to join the Rams in Los Angeles. Don’t worry; the trip from San Diego to Los Angeles isn’t a long drive. If there’s a next iteration T-shirt line, the Chargers may be asking singer-songwriters on Sunset instead.

New York Giants x Frank Sinatra

Was this shirt created just so someone can get away with a pun? Wait for it — Big Blue Eyes. Okay, now that you’ve stopped groaning, the design itself is simplistic if not a little too vague for casual fans of either the Giants or Sinatra to immediately identify. I wouldn’t blame you if you thought this was a logo for a group of bloggers or old-timey newspaper writers based in New York.

Detroit Lions x Eminem

You have to hand it to Eminem and the Detroit Lions, who opted to do as little as possible and still end up with one of the best shirts of the collection. From the looks of it, this could be your casual NFL-branded shirt from Junk Food with the exception of the E in Detroit. That has been transformed into the iconic Eminem backward E.

This is how the meeting between the NFL and Eminem went, probably:

NFL: “Mr. Mathers, we have numerous designs that we would love to show you. All of which embody the uniqueness of an artist such as yourself and the city of Detroit.”

Eminem: “Flip the E.”

NFL: “But Mr. Mathers, we—”

Eminem: “Flip the E.”

It’s great and it’s inviting to fans of the Lions and Eminem. Detroit fans can look at this shirt and admire the shared fandom, but those with a keen eye for typos will notice that E. And if they’re an Eminem fan, chances are they will gasp at the incredible mix of football and rap.

KISS x New York Jets

This design might be objectively bad, but I like it. Something about the combination of the KISS font and the J-E-T-S reminds me of the Nets’ baby blue uniforms of the 1990s. Yeah, those weren’t great either, but I know what I like. Maybe I’m just a fan of Drazen Petrovic.

You can check out the entire #MyTeamMyCity collection on Teespring. Which are your favorites?