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Mariners rookies traveled in costume, including the Kool-Aid Man and a Chippendale Chris Farley look-alike

Oh Yeah!

Making rookies wear ridiculous things has become as ingrained in baseball as the seventh-inning stretch, peanuts, and the smell of freshly cut grass. Many rookies spend their inaugural seasons in the big leagues wearing children’s backpacks every day or getting ridiculous haircuts or dressing up for road trips.

That includes the rookies in Seattle, who all donned some interesting costumes on Wednesday.

A lot of teams do rookie dress up day. None of those teams have ever featured Dae-ho Lee dressed up as the Kool-Aid Man. How is it possible we didn’t get a video of Lee running around the clubhouse yelling “OH YEAH!”?

Those are some solid costumes all around. Dan Vogelbach was born to be the baseball player who is forced to dress up as Chris Farley as a Chippendale on Saturday Night Live.

This may all seem to be very embarrassing, but really it’s just a service from the veterans when you think about it. Halloween is just around the corner and finding the right costume can be stressful. Not for these rookies!