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NBA teams want Kevin Garnett to coach. Good luck convincing him.

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But then again, anything is possible.

The Cavaliers didn’t waste any time.

Kevin Garnett announced his retirement last Friday. This Thursday, Cavs coach Tyronn Lue extended an open invitation to Garnett to join the coaching staff.

Lue said Garnett was back and forth on the decision to return to the game as a coach.

If you had asked 2015 KG, you would have gotten a much different response.

Twice, actually. In case it wasn’t clear the first time.

But what’s this? Could it be Garnett is softening his stance?

He worked out with Blake Griffin and some of the rookies.

If 2015 KG is to be believed, he’s just looking to keep in shape. But could this be something more?

The Cavaliers better look out. It looks like the Clippers could be poaching their prospect. It’s time for someone to sweeten the deal.