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Cam Newton has his own food truck, so let’s guess the menu

Funn projekt with this d d @cameron1newton : @smoknaces

A photo posted by MARK PAUL DEREN (@madsteez) on

Cam Newton is launching something that is equal parts genius and devious — as the best things tend to be. Yes, the MVP-winning quarterback is launching his own food truck, with, of course, a giant Cam Newton on the side.

The truck is called "Smokin’ Aces," a play off Newton’s nickname "Ace Boogie." He plans to have the food truck outside Carolina Panthers games this fall -- which is where the devious part kicks in. Seriously, think about it, you have a stadium full of fans, all of whom love Cam Newton and can either choose to go to a small place they don’t know, or eat from a food truck owned by their team’s star quarterback.


A photo posted by MARK PAUL DEREN (@madsteez) on

According to ESPN, the truck will serve fish and chicken, with proceeds from the first week’s sales being donated to a program to help at-risk individuals in Charlotte.

A food truck with a giant Cam Newton on the side needs some A-grade punny menu items to really make it tick. Here are some suggestions for Cam, free of charge:

  • The Tennessee Titan ~ Quarter-pound cheeseburger served with a dab of "Cammy Cam Juice." (Note: "Cammy Cam Juice" is just mayonnaise mixed with steak sauce)
  • Letter To The Editor ~ Fried haddock filet served with thick-cut fries, served in a newspaper. Comes with a dab of tartar sauce.
  • Auburn Tiger Prawn Salad ~ With sesame vinaigrette, and a dab of sriracha.
  • Any Given Sundae ~ Fully loaded three-scoop ice cream sundae with a dab of whipped cream. Served inside a hollowed out football and handed to a child in the stands.
  • Hello, Newton ~ Three jumbo Fig Newtons wrapped in deep-fried cheesecake. Comes with shaved macadamia nuts and a dab of fig compote.