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Pistons fans are cautiously optimistic that their future is now

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Detroit is poised to take a jump in the Eastern Conference, but Pistons fans are by no means counting their chickens before they hatch.

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The future is bright for the Detroit Pistons after they returned to the playoffs last year, but there are some weaknesses that only the closest followers of the team can spot. To talk through some of those, we dialed up Detroit Bad Boys contributor Jordan Bellant.

Among the topics discussed:

  • What do we make of Stan Van Gundy’s bench makeover?
  • Can Tobias Harris continue to get comfortable in Van Gundy’s system?
  • How good is Reggie Jackson? Is there reason to worry that the Pistons don’t really have good passers at any position?
  • Will Stanley Johnson make a leap this year?
  • What’s preventing Andre Drummond from becoming a superstar? It’s more than free-throw shooting, but could improved performance at the line lead to a domino effect that improves his mental focus elsewhere?
  • That Ish Smith/Boban Marjanovic pick-and-roll will be delightful.

In a weird twist, the two hosts are more optimistic than the SB Nation team site guest.

Next up: the Indiana Pacers.

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