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76ers Ben Simmons suffers a fractured foot during practice

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The No. 1 pick is now dealing with an injury.

Philadelphia 76ers Media Day Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Philadelphia 76ers rookie and No. 1 pick Ben Simmons fractured his foot during practice on Friday. According to the 76ers, Simmons suffered a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone of his right foot. The team is still evaluating treatment options and there isn’t yet a timeline for how long he could be sidelined.

The injury occurred during the final scrimmage of the team’s training camp at Stockton University. Simmons rolled his ankle and it was initially believed to be a minor injury before an X-Ray and MRI revealed the fracture. Simmons is expected to miss “about three months”, according to ESPN’s Jeff Goodman.

Simmons was pegged to play a major role as the cornerstone of the franchise as the 76ers attempt to turn young talent into success on the court.. It’s the second time a foot injury has hampered a 76ers lottery pick. Joel Embiid missed all of his first two NBA seasons after needing multiple surgeries on his foot.

The recovery of a foot fracture for an NBA player can vary significantly depending on the location and severity of the fracture. Kevin Durant suffered a Jones fracture — a fracture from the base of the fifth metatarsal — and was originally slated to miss 6-8 weeks. Durant’s injury turned out to be serious as he needed second and third surgeries, and went on to miss an extended period of time.

Fracturing the fifth metatarsal is fairly common in the NBA. The recovery depends on the type of fracture and avoiding re-injury. In some cases, a player returns in 4-6 weeks, like Brandon Jennings did in 2010. In worst cases, additional surgery is required.

Simmons’ timeline to return will depend on whether he suffered a mid-shaft fracture, a Jones fracture or a Avulsion fracture. has a complete breakdown of the NBA players who have suffered the injury and their recoveries. In any case, he’s likely to miss a few weeks. The Sixers will begin the regular season on Oct. 26.