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J.J. Watt and Tyrann Mathieu bet 100 pushups on LSU-Wisconsin, and Mathieu paid up

Some good, clean fun.

J.J. Watt played his college football at Wisconsin and Tyrann Mathieu played his at LSU. So the two, being perhaps the best defensive end and safety in the NFL, respectively, wagered publicly on the Badgers-Tigers game at Lambeau Field on Saturday.

The stakes were 100 pushups. LSU lost in gory fashion, so Mathieu had to get on the ground and push himself up into the triple-digits. This is not that big a deal for an NFL safety, but Mathieu nonetheless decided to divide the labor.

The start:

And the finish:

Watt seems to have appreciated Mathieu’s willingness to pay up.

Watt betting 100 pushups is like Warren Buffett buying into a poker game for five dollars, or like Takeru Kobayashi promising to eat three hot dogs with dinner. Watt could do approximately infinite pushups, but this is just for fun.

Mathieu was a good sport about this amid what could not have been an easy day. Except for Alabama and a few other exceptions, this was a very sad weekend for in the SEC, and LSU did not help matters. The Tigers are 0-1.