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Mets' Wilmer Flores loves 'Friends' so much, he made the theme song his walk-up music

The show helped him learn English, too!

Wilmer Flores has an addiction. He can’t stop watching Friends. He’s also a professional baseball player, and watching television shows is typically frowned upon while playing in a baseball game. So, Flores did the only thing that made sense, and decided to walk up to the Friends theme song.

Yup, that’s "I’ll Be There for You," by The Rembrandts. Surely I’m not the only one disappointed that Flores is walking up to the verse, though, instead of the chorus? That feels like it would be the appropriate part of the song to walk up to. But on the flip side, he got all of Citi Field clapping, which is even cooler.

Flores said he started watching the show four years ago and now believes he has seen all 236 episodes.

One more wonderful part is that Friends helped Flores learn English as he worked his way through the minor league system and ended up as a major leaguer. He arrived in the United States from Venezuela when he was 16, and now acts as a translator for teammates who don’t speak English as well as he does.