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Mad cycling dad avenges his son's wreck by sabotaging and injuring his competitors

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No, seriously, this happened.

This is a very bad dad.

That’s Jean-Bernard Boyer, the father of cyclist Jonathan Boyer, who runs out onto the road and pulls a metal barrier across the bike path that knocked at least two cyclists to the ground. One of them, an unnamed South African, reportedly broke his collarbone.

Boyer was upset because his son had crashed earlier in the race and hadn’t been allowed to rejoin. That didn’t make much sense, since Jonathan is apparently still in the hospital with broken ribs and head trauma, per local outlet Orange. But it didn’t stop Jean-Bernard from taking out his anger on other cyclists.

Boyer was fined €300 (about $335 American) for his actions. He’s also a very bad dad, much worse than mine, who only commits crimes of bad dad jokes and sometimes questionable cooking.

(h/t Sports Illustrated)