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Kings fans realize this may be the last chance to salvage the DeMarcus Cousins era

Akis Yerocostas and Tony Xypteras from SB Nation’s Kings blog Sactown Royalty join the show to take stock of the most important season of the DeMarcus Cousins era.

Life has not been fun for Kings fans since 2006. Will that misery continue this year? And what does that mean for the player at the center of so much drama, DeMarcus Cousins?

To help us answer those questions, we’re joined by Akis Yerocostas and Tony Xypteras, editors at SB Nation’s Kings blog Sactown Royalty. Among the topics discussed:

  • How much blame does DeMarcus Cousins deserve for this years-long mess? Is now the time to look to trade him? What can be done to build the right kind of team around him and have the Kings taken enough steps in that direction this summer?
  • What kind of impact will Dave Joerger have on the team and Cousins?
  • Who the heck starts at point guard with Rajon Rondo gone and Darren Collison facing a likely suspension for pleading guilty to a domestic abuse charge? For that matter, what kind of message does it send to sign players like Matt Barnes and Ty Lawson while also preaching the importance of character?
  • How does Rudy Gay fit in? Does he fit in at all, given his offseason comments and the team’s many frontcourt players?
  • What is a reasonable goal for this year? What is the realistic scenario where Cousins is still on the team and Kings fans feel good about him and the team’s direction?

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