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Trevor Siemian will not be eased into starting role, could increase his fantasy value

The Broncos’ young quarterback will not be held back during his first season as an NFL starter. We explore the fantasy implications.

New Denver Broncos starting quarterback Trevor Siemian will not be working with an "abbreviated playbook" against the Carolina Panthers this week, according to ESPN’s Jeff Legwold on Tuesday. The Broncos do not plan to make Siemian carry their offense, but they also picked him as their starter because they feel he can accomplish the duties that the position fully requires.

Denver head coach Gary Kubiak added that one of the main reasons Siemian was named the starter is because he is "a smart kid" and "able to handle a lot," which allows the team to run a normal game plan.

Fantasy Impact: For 2016, Siemian’s name is not going to show up on many fantasy rosters just yet. But if he starts performing well and efficiently, he may an interesting option as a fantasy backup or the second option in a two-QB league.

Having never started an NFL game, much is still unknown about how the 23-year-old can handle the pressure of quarterbacking the defending Super Bowl champions.