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Here are Kevin Seraphin and a bunch of snakes that are bigger than he is

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In case you forgot, Kevin Seraphin loves snakes. Back when he played for the Washington Wizards, his pet snake “Snakey” (really) went missing. Despite the fact that we haven’t heard about “Snakey” since then, Seraphin still showcases his love of snakes. Here he is laying down with a bunch of snakes.

Prior to this, he’d been seen on his Snapchat with a huge snake wrapped around him like some sort of snake hostage.

I mean, it’s great that he clearly loves snakes, so much so that he would lay down with them like they’re his blanket. As for the call out to his followers to see who would do what he did for money, I highly, highly doubt any of them would want to follow suit.

Also, I will admit: I thought, in the video, the voice was supposed to be for the snake. It’s actually one of the guys who runs the “prehistoricpetstv” YouTube channel. I’m kind of disappointed there were no talking snakes in the video.