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Ameer Abdullah ‘capable’ of handling a large workload this season, solid fantasy flex option

The Lions’ running back will be looking to make the most of his increased role in 2016. We explore the fantasy implications.

Detroit Lions running back Ameer Abdullah is preparing to enter the 2016 season as the team’s top rushing option and he is "absolutely" ready for an increase in snaps and touches, according to Lions head coach Jim Caldwell on Wednesday.

When asked if Abdullah could carry the ball at least 30 times per game, Caldwell said he thinks his running back is "capable" but that he does not "envision him carrying the ball" that many times. Detroit’s coach added that Abdullah is the type of player that needs the ball given to him through "a number of different ways."

Fantasy Impact: In 2016, Abdullah’s production is expected to increase as his team’s top running back on their depth chart. But since the Lions are expected to use a multitude of running backs throughout each game this season, his numbers will not likely be at the level of a top RB1 or even a RB2.

However, due to his ability to line up all over the field and still make plays, he should be a viable flex option for fantasy owners during most weeks this year.