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Pirates pitcher capped a win in MLB debut with emotional hugs from dad, wife & baby

No, you’re crying.

Pitcher Trevor Williams was called up to the Pirates and played his very first game on Wednesday against the St. Louis Cardinals. In a moment that should be as nerve-racking as it is scary, Williams got the win.

Ending your first game with a win is something priceless that can’t be topped, except in this case. After the game, Williams found his wife and his baby and gave them hugs. But off a few feet was a man sobbing. It turned out to be Williams’ father, who couldn’t be prouder of his son.

The two then hugged and the dad gave Trevor the biggest pat on the back. The game was the start of Williams’ career in the majors but this moment made it seem like the end of the journey to get there. Congratulations Williams family, you did it!

Now, who’s cutting onions in here?