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2nd grader writes illustrated recap of Tennessee's season-opener: 'We suck'

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This may be the most accurate recap of this game that we’ve seen yet.

The No. 9 Tennessee Volunteers opened their 2016 season by facing the always dangerous Appalachian State Mountaineers (they upset No. 5 Michigan in 2007, in case you forgot) last Thursday night.

Following the victory, a second-grade Tennessee fan drew a picture with some words about her thoughts on the game. The most accurate summation she gave was simply: “We suck.”

“Last night, I went to my nana’s house to watch the football game. We suck. That game was a nightmare. We almost lost. It really was a nightmare.” -Frustrated 2nd grade Tennessee fan

The Vols did end up winning the game, 20-13, but this thing was a lot uglier than the seven-point victory may suggest. Tennessee saw itself down 13-3 at halftime, and the Vols needed overtime to put the Mountaineers away.

This second grader is probably echoing the sentiments of Vols fans across the country after this game. Tennessee quarterback Joshua Dobbs threw an interception and had some shaky possessions at times, and App State was able to put up 292 (!) total yards against the Vols’ defense.

Not to mention App State came in as a 23-point underdog against Tennessee on the road, and it was not only able to hang with the Vols, but successfully gave them quite the scare to open the season. Let’s hope Tennessee can get a better review from this second grader against Virginia Tech (8 p.m. ET, ABC) this Saturday night.