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Shaq is the only human tall enough to help Yao Ming put on his Hall of Fame jacket

We’re only a day away from the Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony, but in the meantime, preparations are underway with the inductees (minus one Allen Iverson) taking part in a press conference. There were a couple funny moments — unsurprisingly, they involved Shaq. When Yao Ming was being introduced, the moderator was too short to dress him in his Hall of Fame jacket. Shaq, thinking quick on his feet, jumped in to be the only one tall enough to dress Ming.

Yao Ming somehow makes Shaq look small:

By the way, this is what Shaq’s jacket looks like, which looks like if a bunch of traffic cones melted onto David Byrne’s big suit:

Later on, it was proposed that Ming and Shaq could play 1-on-1 on stage, to which Shaq responded with a finger wag.

As for why Iverson was absent at the conference, our Sixers blog Liberty Ballers reported that he’d apparently missed his flight and had to catch another one:

Iverson’s absence baffled Shaq at the time:

But he eventually made it to Springfield and put on his jacket:

Friday’s going to be spectacular.