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The Broncos opened the season 1-0 when icing the kicker actually worked

It may not work often, but it did for Denver.

Icing the kicker has been a common phenomenon in football the last few years, with the opposing head coach calling a timeout just seconds before a crucial field goal is attempted. A lot of the time, it does nothing but delay the inevitable. Occasionally, however, it works. Like it did for the Denver Broncos on Thursday.

Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano lined up for a go-ahead 50-yard attempt that would have likely given Carolina the win. Just before the ball was snapped, Denver head coach Gary Kubiak called a timeout to ice him.

Gano drilled what amounted to a practice kick.

After nailing that kick with ease, it didn’t seem like the second try would be much of a challenge. But that’s why they play the game. Not only did Gano miss, it wasn’t even really close.

Icing the kicker may not work again all season, but so far in 2016, it’s 1-for-1.