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Perplexed by the Magic’s strange offseason? So are Magic fans

The Magic have made a series of moves in the last year that reveal their lack of a long-term plan. As it turns out, many Magic fans are confused, too.

What exactly is the Magic’s plan? Sixteen months ago, they looked like a promising, albeit unsuccessful-to-date young team slowly building until one day coalescing into a contender. But since then, they’ve hired and lost one coach, traded several promising young players away and signed ill-fitting players to big-money contracts. Nobody really knows how the pieces fit, what style they’re going to play and, most importantly, whether there’s any cohesive long-term direction.

If you expected Magic fans to object to that narrative on this podcast, think again. Zach Oliver and Cory Hutson, editors at SB Nation’s Magic site Orlando Pinstriped Post, are just as perplexed as all of us. Among the topics discussed:

  • What explains the Magic’s odd string of decisions? Who is actually in charge?
  • How is this team supposed to score with the roster they have?
  • Can Aaron Gordon salvage Orlando’s mess of a roster by taking a big leap?
  • Who will start up front? Does the arrival of Bismack Biyombo and Serge Ibaka threaten Nikola Vucevic’s place on the team?
  • Why did the Magic sign Biyombo anyway when they already had Ibaka and Vucevic? The answer may surprise you.
  • What do the Magic see in Elfird Payton that many of his detractors don’t?

We also poked fun at the Magic’s new alternate uniforms, lamented the “wine and cheese” crowd at Amway Center and found the perfect craft beer to describe the Magic’s chaotic offseason. This podcast got a little weird.

Next up in our offseason series: the Utah Jazz.

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