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Russell Westbrook pretends Charles Barkley doesn’t exist when asked about his criticism

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Westbrook ain’t have no time for Barkley trashing his fashion.

Charles Barkley talks a lot. Like, all the time, no matter what he’s doing. It’s his job on TNT and he’ll throw opinions onto the airwaves like they’re T-shirts during a timeout. Players don’t get chances to respond to him very often, but when Jimmy Fallon asked Russell Westbrook about him, he grabbed that chance and offered up this zinger.

Here’s the full clip, where Russ does relent and laugh about it.

Chuck talks so much that the worst insult you could give him is to pretend that you don’t know who he is. Except with Westbrook, there’s a tiny part of you that wonders if maybe he actually doesn’t know who he is. We may never know.

The question was specifically geared towards Chuck’s criticism of Russ’ fashion choices, like this clip right here.

But in reality, Westbrook probably knows that Barkley has criticized him for shooting too much for a long time, too — even as recently as last May.

So yeah, this friendly potshot at Barkley was well deserved. Russ remains our only good athlete.