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Kris Dunn's dribble move left Shabazz Napier looking for life's answers

This is the most disrespectful thing we’ve seen in 2017 so far. And maybe 2016, too.

Kris Dunn attended a funeral today. Usually tombstones don’t note the cause of death, but Shabazz Napier’s has a screen that’s playing this gif on repeat.

Yo. I need to watch that again.

This is the most savage thing I’ve seen on a basketball court in months. Kris Dunn really dribbled left, ran right, and ended up past Napier with the ball in his hands. Dunn could have magically teleported from one side to the other, and Napier would have been less confused about how it happened. LOOK AT HIS FACE.


That’s the look of a guy who just realized the girl he was flirting with all night just walked out of the club with another dude. It’s the look of someone who realized he forgot his wife’s birthday. It’s someone who just thought to himself, “You know, maybe the bees are dying at an alarming rate globally.” It’s Level V trauma. Please, doctors, you might need to resuscitate this man. Break out the defibrillator, because his heart stopped beating. Hell, this man’s heart currently has its phone out watching the Dunn highlight repeatedly. Oh damn, now the heart is trying to think of a funny caption for its quote tweet.

Napier has to fight Dunn or leave the building. Those are the only two options. This isn’t the Thanksgiving dinner table, where you can just pretend those things drunk Uncle Jerry said last year never happened. Everyone witnessed what Dunn did. Do something, or go home.

2017 is already lit. Its one day is already better than all 365 in 2016 thanks to this savagery. Dunn is our new savior, and I cannot wait for him to lead us into this new year.