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Ezekiel Elliott’s minor car accident is a good omen for his game vs. Packers

Elliott was involved in a fender bender near the Cowboys’ practice facility Wednesday, and it isn’t his first.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was involved in a fender bender near the team’s practice facility four days before his NFL playoff debut against the Green Bay Packers. Everyone involved was unharmed and the damage was minimal, but it surely must have caused a moment of panic for Cowboys fans.

There’s no reason for Dallas fans to worry, though. Based on Elliott’s track record with minor car accidents, this may be a good omen for his upcoming game against the Packers.

The rookie tweeted shortly after Wednesday’s accident that he was uninjured.

Elliott may be referring to a single-car accident he was involved in last year, prior to Ohio State’s 44-28 win over Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl. For that incident, Elliott received a citation and had to pay a fine for driving on a suspended license.

He traveled with the team and played in the Fiesta Bowl. He wasn’t just fine. He was dominant against Notre Dame, rushing for 149 yards and four touchdowns.

Elliott’s mother, Dee, further detailed his history of bouncing back quickly after car accidents. He probably scored 20 touchdowns on those poor kids in practice that day.

Wednesday’s incident occurred when Elliott rear-ended a black BMW. Elliott “looked frustrated,” as one typically does after a minor car accident, but was “extremely nice and polite” to everyone on the scene, according to TMZ.

The Cowboys are preparing to face the Packers in Divisional play on Sunday, and Dallas fans shouldn’t worry. The last time Elliott faced the Packers, he rushed for 157 yards, and based on Elliott’s history, he may top that this week.