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Chargers unveil a new, kind of familiar logo for Los Angeles

It’s still got a lightning bolt, though.

The San Diego Chargers officially announced the team’s intentions to relocate to Los Angeles on Thursday morning. At the same time, they unveiled a new logo, one that blends their new city’s initials with a brand new sideways lightning bolt.

It’s very Dodgers-esque. And heaven forbid if the Rams ever go back to their old school blue and white uniforms.

Fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning might see a resemblance, too.

This new logo could be short-lived. The team is reportedly considering a more complete makeover further down the road, perhaps timed with their move into the Inglewood stadium they’ll share with the Rams.

Also, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the logo hasn’t been approved by the league yet:

It also appears the logo is only for marketing purposes:

A rebranding is probably for the best. The Chargers spent the last 56 years in San Diego, and there are already questions about whether the Los Angeles market is ready to embrace a second sub-.500 competing with the Rams and every other sports franchise in town for fans’ discretionary spending.

But for now, we can gaze upon a brand new (sorta) lightning bolt.