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The sax anthem prior to Falcons playoff games has been the best

It feels like a Luther Vandross hidden track.

In the Falcons-Seahawks marquee matchup last Sunday, we were privileged to be blessed with something spectacular. You hear that? That’s the melodic, silky-smooth flow of a beautiful saxophone.

Listen to Mr. Mike Phillips rip the shit outta that brass.

Goddamn. Is that the ghost of Luther Vandross? Is that everything Louis Armstrong wanted for these United States? This is what John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins lived for.

Phillips blessed the Georgia Dome one last time with the anthem yet again, this time before the Falcons’ NFC Championship game against the Packers.

Your national anthem doesn’t match up to this. This is what America sounds like. It sounds like everything Adolphe Sax wanted for the world in 1840 when he made this mighty instrument. Go football. Go America.