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Michael Bennett and Ryan Schraeder nearly came to blows in Seahawks vs. Falcons

Tensions are high in Atlanta.

Things appear to be getting chippy between the Falcons and the Seahawks. After the Falcons’ touchdown by Devonta Freeman to extend their lead to 26-10, Michael Bennett and Ryan Schraeder got into it after the play.

Bennett and Schraeder wrestled, sticking each others’ hands in their faces. Based on his reaction, it looked like Bennett may have gotten Schraeder in the eye:

Kam Chancellor had to hold Bennett back after the scrum.

During the drive, Bennett had gone out briefly with an injury, and was pointing in anger at members of the Atlanta Falcons, so it’s clear he already wasn’t happy with what was going on out on the field.

Tensions are running high in the second half, and between these two passionate teams, it might not be the last we see of this before the final whistle.