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Ryan Shazier’s cleats for the AFC Championship feature Steelers of the past

This is a great tribute.

Ryan Shazier’s going to be rocking a great pair of tribute cleats for the AFC Championship game sunday, thanks to his friend and artist Corey Pane, who sent them to SB Nation.

The cleats feature Steelers of the past, including Heath Miller, Brett Keisel, Santonio Holmes, Franco Harris, Rod Woodson, Jerome Bettis, Jack Ham, Mel Blount, Joe Greene, Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu, Lynn Swann, and Ike Taylor. Pane told SB Nation that he was not certain whether Shazier would just wear them before the game or during as well.

Pane also makes cleats for Antonio Brown, who most recently had a pair as a tribute to Jasper Howard, former UConn football player.

Check out the photos of the sweet footwear Shazier will be rocking as the Steelers try to make their ninth Super Bowl appearance in franchise history: