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Patriots fans chant 'Where is Roger' during the AFC Championship vs. Steelers

They want to know!

The Patriots are beating the Steelers 36-17 in the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship game, and it appears they’ll be facing the Falcons in Super Bowl LI.

This postseason, Roger Goodell has yet to make an appearance in Foxborough. He went to Seattle for the Wild Card Round, and was in Atlanta for the NFC Divisional Round. That led people to think that he would be in New England for the AFC Championship, but he opted for Atlanta a second consecutive week.

This led many to believe he was avoiding Foxborough because of Deflategate. So when the Patriots were well on their way to a victory Sunday, the crowd began to chant, “Where is Roger!?”

There’s no question where Goodell will be in two weeks, when the Patriots are taking on the Falcons for the Super Bowl. There’s no question Brady and the Patriots would love to win one out of spite.