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Robert Kraft tried to shake Jim Nantz's hand and it was awkward as hell


The Patriots secured their ninth trip to the Super Bowl on Sunday after knocking off the Steelers 36-17 in the AFC Championship.

In the postgame, Jim Nantz tried shaking hands with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who instead opted to hand the trophy back to Nantz. He then looked to pass it off to Bill Belichick, who looked like he wanted no part of the trophy, but ultimately took it when called on by Nantz.

While on the podium, Kraft said “for a number of reasons” everybody in the stadium understood how big a win this was for the Patriots. This was obviously because of Roger Goodell and Deflategate.

He followed that up with an awkward call and response, when he said “Let’s win one ...” bringing the crowd to (finally) say “more.”

Hey, at least they’ve got things down pat on the football field.