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Grayson Allen can't even walk to his bench without making opponents angry

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Here’s your weekly “Grayson Allen’s got problems” post.

Y’all. Listen. Grayson Allen is gonna catch these hands one day. I really don’t know who’s gonna be the one to do it. But it’s gonna happen. You can’t keep tripping dudes and then think someone in-conference doesn’t want you to catch a fade.

But, anyway, that’s besides the point. Here’s your weekly “Grayson Allen did something dumb and someone is gonna ride for him anyway” post.

Monday night against NC State, Allen decided he didn’t want to walk around the opposing team’s huddle. Allen walked through the Wolfpack’s huddle, which is wildly disrespectful, so Abdul-Malik Abu (No. 0 and 6’8, 240 pounds) and Terry Henderson (6’5, 190 pounds) had some words for him.

Realistically, that assistant coach saved a life. Henderson had the hands ready. And there was some yelling that started. But Allen walked away like he owned the place. He’s the kind of guy that jumps in front of you at Walmart with a cart full of fake Crocs and says his dad runs the regional office. So, if you want to keep your food you better keep your mouth shut.

Eventually this demeanor, plus all the tripping and looking like Ted Cruz, is gonna lead to a game of “The Hands.” It’s not gonna be fun. No one will benefit. But that’s what will happen. Because folks are getting tired of Grayson’s shit.