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Michael Bennett is now wearing a '2 pumps get you a baby, 3 pumps gets you a fine' sweatshirt

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That hip-pumping sack celebration is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Recently Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was flagged for celebrating with some pelvic thrusts after sacking Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff. Then, Bennett discussed the sack dance during a press conference while wearing a Christmas sweater featuring himself doing the dance.

"I think two pumps get you a baby,” Bennett said, while the Christmas sweater version of himself pumped in perpetuity on his shirt. “Three pumps gets you a fine."

Now, Bennett’s wearing a sweatshirt that depicts himself discussing the sack dance. This is sweatshirt Inception, folks.

The sack dance itself is a Bennett classic.

But Bennett’s ongoing acknowledgement of it has been even more fun.

Does this mean for Bennett’s next press conference, he’ll wear a shirt with a quote from today’s presser?

Welp, that could be interesting.

Bennett was fined $12,154 for the sack celebration, but he may make up those lost funds through sweater and sweatshirt sales. If you’re so inclined, you can pick up your own sack dance Christmas sweater or Bennett’s latest sweatshirt masterpiece on his website,

We’ll see if Bennett has an opportunity for pelvic-thrusting celebrations this weekend, when the Seahawks face the Detroit Lions in the Wild Card round.