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Samuel L. Jackson did his best to help the Falcons be prepared for the Packers

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When Samuel L. Jackson saw Aaron Rodgers warm up with an interesting trick play, he tried his best to warn the Falcons.

Samuel L. Jackson is a longtime Atlanta Falcons fan, beginning when he attended Morehouse College in Atlanta.

So when the Falcons advanced to the NFC Championship to play the Green Bay Packers, Jackson made sure he was there at the Georgia Dome. And when he noticed something fishy during warmups, he did his best to give the Falcons a warning.

“I actually watched Aaron Rodgers run a play I had never seen before, during warmups,” Jackson said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “The end came around and he gave him the ball like it was going to be an end-around and he slipped off into the end zone and he threw him a pass.

“And I tweeted it out to make sure, you know, somebody from the Falcons discovered this play. ‘Hey, look out for this today!’”

The only receptions of Rodgers’ career was in 2012 off a batted pass, so the trick play certainly would’ve been a brand new one for the Packers. But the play never happened Sunday and the Falcons comfortably defeated the Packers, 44-21.

Up next for the Falcons are the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI and Jackson probably won’t hesitate to dish the secrets to stopping Tom Brady.

You and plenty of others, Mr. Jackson.