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The weirdest question Tom Brady received at Super Bowl Opening Night came from Kel from ‘Good Burger’

It was not “Can I take your order?”

Super Bowl Opening Night gave a hat tip to 90s kids when Kel Mitchell, in character as Ed from Good Burger interviewed Tom Brady.

Mitchell was in the media scrum in front of Brady when he got the chance to ask a question.

“Everyone calls you the G.O.A.T.,” he said. “You don’t look like a farm animal though. What do you think about that?”

Brady asked him instead what HE thought about that.

“I think it’s crazy. You have fur under there?”

“No, not much.” Brady was laughing at that point.

Mitchell congratulated Brady and promised to save him a burger, to which Brady, ever the health nut, replied that he should give the burger instead to Julian Edelman.

“OK, dude.”