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Dion Waiters defended his shot selection by recycling a Kobe Bryant quote

Maybe that’s the quote he once forgot.

NBA: Miami Heat at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Dion Waiters scored 19 points on 7-for-18 shooting in the Miami Heat’s 104-96 win over the Brooklyn Nets on Monday. Unfortunately, after a hot start, Waiters missed eight of his last nine shots.

The next day, he offered up this sentiment as his mentality for a rough shooting night.

"I’d rather go 0 for 30 than 0 for 9 because you go 0 for 9 that means you stopped shooting,” Waiters told reporters on Tuesday. “That means you lost confidence."

Sorry, Dion. Those ain’t your words.

Waiters straight-up bodied that quote from an old Kobe Bryant feature written by Sports Illustrated’s Chris Ballard.

Gotham Chopra, the director of "Kobe Bryant's Muse", an upcoming documentary on Bryant, told a story about being with Kobe and watching the Nets and the Heat play. Recounts Chopra, "Deron Williams went like 0-for-9. I was like, 'Can you believe Deron Williams went 0-9?' Kobe was like, 'I would go 0-for-30 before I would go 0-for-9. 0-for-9 means you beat yourself, you psyched yourself out of the game, because Deron Williams can get more shots in the game. The only reason is because you've just now lost confidence in yourself.'"

Miami has rattled off now eight straight wins, including Ws over Golden State, Houston, and Milwaukee. Waiters, who also had nine assists, six rebounds, a block, and shot 3 for 6 from downtown against Brooklyn, has had much to do with the Heat’s success.

But maybe Dion just isn’t good with quotes.

Waiters tried his hand at a quote before — ironically also after a win over Brooklyn — and failed miserably.

The game before, he drilled a buzzer-beater over Klay Thompson to give Miami a win against Golden State. The next game, against the Nets, Waiters scored 24 points on 10-for-18 shooting, including a game-sealing three-point shot.

A reporter later asked him what it feels like to be in the zone and have that big shot moment two games in a row.

"I love that moment. You can never shy away from that,” Waiters responded. “I just feel though, like — one of my favorite quotes is, uh ... I forgot it already. One of my favorite quotes. But yeah, man, you just can't be afraid to take them shots."

With all the “Philly cheese swag” he says he has, Waiters should be able to cook up some better answers than that.