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Antonio Brown’s Wild Card Round cleats are a tribute to former UConn player Jasper Howard

Brown makes another tribute against the Dolphins, this time to Howard.

The first week of the NFL playoffs are this weekend, and you had better believe that Antonio Brown has some custom cleats lined up for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ game vs. the Miami Dolphins.

Earlier this season when the Steelers visited the Dolphins in Miami, Brown had cleats that were a tribute to Kimbo Slice and Jose Fernandez, who both passed away in 2016. This week, he’s honoring another Miami product.

Jasper Howard played football for UConn, and was stabbed during a fight after a fire alarm was pulled on the school’s campus during his sophomore year in 2009. Brown knew Howard because they are both from the Miami area. Brown’s artist, Corey Pane, sent along photos of the cleats to SB Nation.

The back of the cleats read “Howard” and are complete with UConn logos, his number 6, as well as “Play every play like it’s the last play you’ll ever play” on the toes.

Pane also told SB Nation that he doesn’t believe Brown plans on wearing them during the actual game, but rather just for pregame.