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The Padres are searching for cheap veteran arms

Sunday’s Say Hey, Baseball checks in on the Padres as they go bargain-bin shopping for pitching. Plus, the Brewers may have to wait until 2047 for their next Hall-of-Famer.

San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

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If you’ve taken even a quick glance at the Padres’ roster as of late, one thing is clear — they probably won’t come anywhere near close to being a contender in 2017. If you take an even more specific look at their rotation as currently constructed, then you can tell that they absolutely belong in the basket of rebuilding teams for this upcoming season. If you’re going into a season with Jhoulys Chacin as your "ace," then it would probably be a good idea to think about adding a bit more to your rotation.

So naturally, there are now reports that the Padres are looking for starting pitching help. Since they’re currently in the throes of a very thrifty rebuilding process, this means that the help may be coming from guys like Jake Peavy, Doug Fister, and Jered Weaver. The Padres were initially linked to Weaver last month, but baseball insider Ken Rosenthal has reported that it doesn’t seem likely that San Diego will be bringing him into the fold. So that leaves San Diego to choose between two pitchers who will have plenty of experience to offer this season.

Both Fister and Peavy are in their mid-30s and are coming off less-than-stellar seasons in 2016. Fister finished the season with a 4.64 ERA and 4.75 FIP over 32 starts with the Astros, while Peavy threw 118.2 innings with the Giants and had a 5.54 ERA and 4.36 FIP in 2016. Both of these guys would be looking to make bounce-back efforts, and if they end up being especially successful, then they’d probably be prime trade candidates at the deadline. If not, then San Diego will hopefully have an experienced pitcher who can help eat innings over what figures to be a long season for the Padres.


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