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Giants players are warming up shirtless at Lambeau Field in 13-degree weather

@ OBJ: WYD?!

Where Odell Beckham Jr. goes, the New York Giants will follow. Even if that means preparing for a January game at Lambeau Field in nothing but shorts and tights.

OBJ started it, then his teammates followed suit.

For those of you who may have somehow forgotten, Wisconsin this time of year is COLD. Like, currently 8 degrees. BUT, the windchill is only 1 degree!!

1! Degree!

And the Giants are doing this!!

They’re so cold they’re wearing ski masks, but can’t be bothered to put on shirts.

We know y’all are from New York (New Jersey) but right now at your home stadium, it’s a balmy 24 degrees, with a 12-degree windchill.

Even the Packers are probably wearing clothes right now.

What do the Giants have to prove? That they’re actually football cyborgs, impervious to any weather conditions? That they’ve been secretly training to climb Everest in the nude? Or maybe just that they haven’t let their beach bods go in the cold months? Maybe they’re still on a high from their shirtless boat photo shoot and want to keep the feeling going.

Regardless, POINT MADE. *Extremely mom voice* “Now go bundle up boys before you catch pneumonia and die!”