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Pistons players react like giddy schoolchildren about Boban Marjanovic guarding an inbounds play

They had to tell him to jump!

Even in a double overtime game, Detroit’s Boban Marjanovic hadn’t gotten off the bench all game until the Trail Blazers were down to a final inbounds with seconds left. To disrupt the pass, Stan Van Gundy opted to put the 7’3 Boban in the game.

By far the best part about all of this, was how excited the Pistons got when Boban got the call. They look like school kids!

The Pistons realized Boban wasn’t using the most of his height once he got on the court, though, so the team coached him up from the sidelines to start jumping.

It worked! The pass never really had a chance with 0.2 seconds left, but especially once Boban smothered any passing lane.