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Eagles defense asked for crowd noise and got it at the Chargers stadium

Philly gets home-field advantage in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Chargers aren’t having an easy time putting people in seats. They’re playing in the NFL’s smallest stadium, the StubHub Center, until the new Los Angeles stadium is built. Even when they do fill the seats, usually it’s been fans of the other team.

Sunday was the ultimate proof of it, as linebacker Jordan Hicks was pumping up the crowd before a 3rd-and-10 in the fourth quarter.

Philip Rivers mentioned earlier in the season that fans of opposing teams filling up the stadium was something he was used to, but Sunday was another beast.

“I do know that our fans do travel well, and they are all over the country and I would expect probably a good turnout for Eagle fans this weekend,” Doug Pederson told the AP earlier in the week.

They certainly had a good turnout. There wasn’t a shortage of Eagles fans in the StubHub Center, which seats 27,000.

The Eagles flexed on the Chargers after the game:

Maybe one of these days, the Chargers will have home-field advantage. It could be a long 2017 season if this holds up.