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O.J. Howard could not have been more open on his first career TD vs. Giants

He had more space than the universe.

Some people believe that wide receivers will always tell you that they’re open, whether they actually are or not. However, there’s no denying that O.J. Howard was open on THIS play.

That’s one of those plays where you’re so open that a drop right there wouldn’t be all that surprising. It’s genuinely shocking that he could possibly be that wide open, and yet he was.

Look at all the room to work Howard has:

That was his first career touchdown. It couldn’t have been easier.

He’s made a habit of getting ridiculously wide open, particularly in national championship games against Clemson.

This one, from 2016:

And this one, from 2017:

Howard really could have walked that thing into the end zone from 30 yards out. That might be just one reason why the Giants came into Sunday 0-3.