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Broncos TE A.J. Derby caught a 1-handed touchdown like it was a tennis ball

A.J. Derby’s first career touchdown reception was a gem.

One-handed catches can get old with the level of athlete that plays in the NFL, but occasionally you can still find one that makes you say, “Wow.” Denver Broncos tight end A.J. Derby managed to provide one of those early in Week 4 against the Oakland Raiders.

When Trevor Siemian threw a pass to Derby near the right sideline, all the tight end could get on the ball were his fingers. That was enough.

It’s one thing to catch a ball with one hand and pull it into your body, or at least your arm. But to just pinch it with your fingers like it’s a tennis ball is something else.

Even better is the fact that it was the first touchdown of Derby’s career. Originally drafted by the Patriots in the sixth round in 2015, he was traded to Denver for a fifth-round pick last October.

It took a while for Derby to get a touchdown, but his catch Sunday was a hell of a way to finally get in.