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Tony Romo called exactly how the Raiders would run out the clock to end the half

The Raiders wanted to waste four seconds and Tony Romo knew exactly how they’d pull it off.

Tony Romo is at it again. The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback has already developed a reputation for calling plays before they happen in his first month as a broadcaster for CBS.

He did exactly that before the final play of the first half in a game between the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders. With the Raiders facing a fourth down with four seconds remaining, the team lined up under center.

It wasn’t a secret that Oakland would attempt to wind the remaining four seconds off the clock, but Romo explained in detail exactly how they’d pull it off. Lo and behold, he was exactly right.

Just a few days ago, Romo showed off his oracle skills during a Thursday Night Football game between the Packers and Bears. He was even nailing plays in his broadcast debut in Week 1.

With his prediction of Carr’s rollout to the right and deep incomplete pass out of bounds, we can add another highlight to Romo’s first month in the booth.