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Raiders ran a horrible fake punt just 3 plays after Derek Carr's injury

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It wasn’t the best move in that moment.

The Oakland Raiders had a bad string of luck in the third quarter against the Broncos.

First, Derek Carr went down with a back injury, where he was evaluated in a tent, and then taken to the locker room.

Then, three plays later, they ran a fake punt with Marquette King that — to be plain — was not good.

To make matters worse, King got an unsportsmanlike penalty after he threw the football at the Broncos’ Andy Janovich. King was later fined for it:

Prior to this play, King was having a fine afternoon. He’s a passionate player, so for him to get a frustration penalty just moments after the team’s quarterback was injured probably shouldn’t be all that surprising.

He spoke highly of Carr last season to SB Nation.

“He spends a lot of time in the quarterback room trying to understand how the game is supposed to be played,” King said. “He watches film to the point where he can understand other peoples’ tendencies. He’s one of the first people in the facility, and one of the last people to leave.”

King and the Raiders will hope Carr returns soon, but the fake punt probably wasn’t the way to go in that moment. The Raiders ended up losing, 16-10.