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A mic'd up Duke Johnson correctly predicted Myles Garrett’s first play would be a sack

Johnson totally called this one.

Myles Garrett’s first play in the NFL was a sack of Josh McCown. His teammate Duke Johnson was mic’d up for the game, and he totally called it.

“Hey, when Myles makes his first plays, this place is gonna go crazy,” Johnson says. “Probably a sack.”

He was correct.

Browns fans had been waiting since April to see what Garrett could do on the field, and the stadium does go crazy. So does Johnson. He seems really excited about his teammate’s success.

That wasn’t Garrett’s only sack of the day. He celebrated his second takedown of McCown with a homage to J.R. Smith.

We also get to see Johnson get into the end zone for the Browns. His score narrowed the Jets’ lead to three points, but the Browns ended up losing, 17-14.

Still, it’s fun to see Johnson predicting Garrett’s first play. He’s basically Tony Romo or Maurice Jones-Drew out here.