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Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa are the NFL’s most dynamic pass rushing duo

The pair did something real special against the Giants last Sunday. Retired NFL defensive lineman Stephen White hands out the rare double Hoss!

Let me get this out of the way —Joey Bosa has played better than I thought he would so far. If you came here to roast me for being wrong about him in my draft breakdown, have at it, bruh. I will be wrong about some prospects, right about others, and you have every right to call me out when one of my predictions doesn't come true in either direction. That's what they made comments sections for after all, right?*

Now that we got that shit out of the way, lets talk about Sunday.

Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram made the defensive play of the weekend in my opinion. When his team needed someone to change the game late in the fourth quarter, Ingram answered the call *Lyanna Mormont voice.*

His sack, caused fumble, and fumble recovery on Giants quarterback Eli Manning with four minutes left in the game, with his Chargers down, 22-20, to give San Diego the ball at the Giants' 11-yard line was some straight up Superman shit. Who knows what happens if the Giants are allowed to punt the ball on fourth down instead?

We know what did happen. The Chargers were in the end zone three plays later, and they would go on to earn their first dub of the season. All thanks to Ingram having risen to the occasion.

Now, my first inclination was to name Ingram as Hoss of the Week for that play alone. Then after I watched the tape and saw numerous other plays he made throughout the game I was just about sold. However, as I reviewed the film, I simply could not ignore how many plays Bosa was making as well.

Bosa may not have made the big play of the game, but he damn sure made a lot of other plays to help keep the game within reach. What's more, both Ingram and Bosa helped each other get at least one of the two sacks a piece they each recorded on the day.

I am not sure if you are aware, but those two guys have been one hell of a dynamic duo so far this season. Ingram, who has been playing out of his mind, has 7.5 sacks already and should be in the way-too-early conversation for Defensive Player of the Year. Bosa hasn't been too shabby either, posting 4.5 sacks of his own.

I'm not sure there is a pair of edge rushers who are wrecking shop any better than these two cats so far in 2017. Since this was the case again on Sunday, I thought it appropriate that they share in Hoss honors this week.

After watching Bosa and Ingram put in work I would hate to be a quarterback in these dudes’ cross-hairs. Just when you think you have one of them blocked, here comes the other one fucking your shit up. There were two plays that were perfect examples of this on Sunday.

The first one came with 10:35 on the clock in the first quarter. Ingram lined up as a standup defensive end on the right side, outside of the Giants' much maligned left tackle Ereck Flowers. On the snap, Ingram shot upfield like he'd been shot out of a cannon and hit Flowers with a mean dip and rip. Ingram initially had to get a little deeper than Manning to get all the way clear of Flowers, but once he was, Ingram made a hard left turn and closed on Manning from behind. Manning hearing Ingram's footsteps, tried to escape the pocket to his right.

Unfortunately for Manning, Bosa was lined up at left defensive end on that play. Bosa got upfield against Giants right tackle Bobby Hart. Bosa wasn't able to beat Hart around the corner, but Bosa was savvy enough to recognize he didn't want to get too far behind Manning. He made a spin move on Hart to come back to the level of the quarterback. And guess who was right there once Bosa finished the move?

Go ahead, guess.

Manning ran right out the proverbial frying pan trying to get away from Ingram and right into the fire with Bosa who lit his ass up.

Bosa returned the favor early in the fourth quarter on another third down. This time both Bosa and Ingram were lined up on the right side, with Bosa in a super wide three-technique and Ingram standing up outside of him in a really wide nine.

On the snap of the football, Bosa approached Giants left guard Justin Pugh for a step or so, then suddenly turned right into Flowers and blasted the fuck out of him. I'm talking feet off the ground, knocked three yards back blasted the fuck out of him. Pugh having been attracted by Bosa's approach was still trying to block him as Bosa and Flowers went tumbling to the ground.

While all this was going on, Ingram had initially gotten up the field with the quickness again to attract Flowers so that Bosa could get that kill shot on him.

Spoiler Alert: It worked. It just so happened to come on third-and-10, too.

I mean, just as an aside, this was a very well run pass rush game and both of those guys are sneaky AF.

But I digress.

Once Bosa exploded into Flowers, Ingram looped inside to the A gap. Pugh tried, to no avail, to come off of his attempted block of Bosa and squeeze down for Ingram. Ingram came in too low and too fast for Pugh to even get a hand on him. Ingram was on Eli before he could blink and he took him down for a loss of 13 yards.

Bad Boys

Bad Boys

Whatcha gone do?

Whatcha gone do when they come for yoooouuuu?????

Of course what makes these guys so dangerous is that even though they work well off each other at times, they don't actually need any help getting to the quarterback. Just look at Bosa's second sack of the game, for instance.

Bosa was lined up at left defensive end in a wide nine with New York facing a third-and-three at the Chargers' 42-yard line. Another first down or so and the Giants would've been in scoring range. Bosa comes off and forklifts Hart right back into Manning's lap, but Giants right guard John Jerry came over to help. Did that stop Bosa?

Hell nawl!

Since he had already pushed Hart so close to Manning, Bosa just reached out and basically hit the quarterback with an uppercut to the underside of his elbow. The ball came squirting out of Manning's hand for a sack and caused fumble, even though technically he was still being double teamed. Unfortunately for San Diego, Manning was able to recover his own fumble.

That time.

Regardless, it was still one hell of a play that ended a New York drive.

That's another thing, all four of their sacks came on third downs. That's a big fucking deal when you think about the fact that the Chargers only won by a measley five points.

Again, I digress.

Later on in the game Ingram was able to show that he could get Manning on the ground by himself, too.

Now, to the naked eye Ingram's game-winning sack might look like another pass rush game, like the TEX game he ran with Bosa that I described earlier. Upon closer inspection it just looked that way. Here's what actually happened.

Third-and-seven with four minutes left and the game on the line. Ingram was standing up in a six-technique on the left side of the defensive line, head up on Giants tight end Jerrell Adams with defensive tackle Darius Philon lined up inside of him at three-technique on the outside shoulder of Giants left guard D.J. Fluker.

Now Philon came off and made a regular pass rush move on Fluker, but Adams chipped on Ingram as he was trying to get upfield and knocked him inside. Ingram saw that he couldn't possibly go back outside and get to the quarterback. He also noticed that Fluker was locked in trying to block Philon. So Ingram hit the afterburners and screamed through the A gap, sliding right past Fluker and right on Manning's ass.

For some odd reason, Manning decided to not tuck the ball away, and as Ingram took him down, the quarterback ended up fumbling.

Ingram could've been satisfied with just getting the sack and caused fumble, but instead he got up off the ground hauled ass to the football. As I always say, good things come to those who hustle, and Ingram was able to top it all off with the fumble recovery that his team sorely needed.

It doesn't get much more big time than that.

Funny thing is these cats still weren't done. It may have been overlooked by some since the Giants didn’t have much chance to win after they got the ball back right at the end, but Bosa and Ingram did not stop getting after it.

On the third to last play of the game for New York’s offense, Bosa lined up at left defensive end and beat Hart clean with a swiper move and stuck his helmet right in Manning's side as he was releasing a pass that would ultimately be caught by Shane Vereen for a short gain.

The very next play Ingram lined up as a standup left defensive end with Philon inside of him again. This time they did run a TEX game together. Ingram looped inside low and fast, which forced Fluker into a holding call and also motivated Manning to throw off target out into the flat to Vereen on a play that ended in a incompletion and with a hurry for Ingram.

Manning would throw a pick to officially end the Giants’ chances on the very next play.

After all that, I just realized I only talked about the pass rush stuff. Both of those cats made nice plays against the run as well.

All told they combined for four sacks, two caused fumbles, one fumble recovery, one tackle for a loss, seven other tackles, three hurries, and two hits on the quarterback. That's more big plays on defense than most teams make in a game most weeks.

It’s safe to say Ingram and Bosa are not fucking around this season. If one of them isn't breathing down your quarterback's neck on any given play, then the other one likely is.

The rest of their squad may not be balling, but these two by themselves are worth the price of admission. On Sunday, Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa annihilated the Giants, especially in the most crucial moments of the game. That's why I decided to name them both as co-Hoss Of The Week winners for Week 5.

*I'm never reading the comments section.