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The 6 most hilarious and disrespectful plays of the NBA preseason

Watch Dirk trip on air lol.

The NBA’s preseason is just about over, and you probably haven’t paid too much attention. Luckily, World Wide Wob has, and — oh my — these last two weeks have been full of hilarious moments and possessions of pure (and maybe rightful) disrespect.

As players condition their bodies for an upcoming grueling season, and adjust to their new teammates, a new series of lowlights have been born.

Here’s what you’ve missed:

Dirk Nowitzki tripped on absolutely nothing

Nowitzki saw a dang ghost and stumbled and stumbled and stumbled until he finally took a seat. Hahahahahaha!

Even he embraced it, though:

He even told reporters where they can find the video.

Jarrett Jack threw the worst full-court heave ever

He’s a Knick!

Chris Paul showed ZERO RESPECT for Andre Roberson’s jumper

CP3 left him wide open, jokingly swiped the air, then yelled “Hell nah,” as Roberson air-balled.

I’m weak.

Andre Drummond showed even less respect for Jonas Valanciunas


He gave the same swipe in the air that Paul did to Roberson.

Hassan Whiteside totally mocked Kemba Walker’s foul-call strategy

Whiteside is too much. Hahahaha!

C.J. McCollum ruined Justin Jackson’s ankles

Welcome to the league, rookie.

At least he joked about it.